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Are you wondering whether to take a plunge into CLEC or not?

There are lots of reasons, Just have a look at some of the reasons here:

  • Grow your business by becoming CLECs
  • Have more services in the basket to offer including VoIP
  • Repurpose your existing modem banks or buy new ones capable of external calls
  • Leverage the advantages in local, long distance, and data services
  • Access to existing ILEC network at discounts
  • Get services at a discounted wholesale rate just like ILECs

NuWave Communications - One Solution for all your CLEC questions

The telecommunication act of 1996 has opened a new horizon for the small local exchange carriers to compete with already established carriers. The Act splits up the landscape of telecom carriers’ competition into two parts- Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers—the already established phone companies and CLECs- Competitive Local Exchange Carriers.

With the passing of time, looking at the opportunities, many ISPs have expanded their business to become CLECs. Becoming a CLEC opens the door for growth giving you a competitive edge over other ISPs and the ILECs.

Being in the telecom industry, we have seen many ups and downs enabling us to help clients make tough financial and operational decisions. In this rapidly changing environment, it is very crucial to have an experienced telecommunication consultant with extensive know-how and experience to resolve intricacies of the field. With adept pool of experts and years of industry experience, we can offer superior solutions to the organizations and support them in becoming a CLEC.

Though becoming a CLEC is not a herculean task, it has countless of states and federal regulations to follow where an industry expert only can help. We have a team of regulatory attorneys who can get you through the tedious certification process.

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