CLEC Consulting

Attain CLEC status faster than you think

NuWave is one of the most preferred names when it comes to CLEC consultation. It is our continuous effort to aid more and more organizations in CLEC certification process. Our expert staff understands the process thoroughly and customizes the strategies for all the clients that can help them be a CLEC soonest and earn maximum profits. To start a CLEC, you have to make key decisions in the company and go through the intricate certification process. We understand the organizations and their target audience and support them thoroughly. Though the certification process differs by state, it normally includes the following steps:

  • Create a legal entity
  • File the CLEC in the state(s) where it plans to offer services
  • Participate in a public hearing
  • File a tariff

After the certification process is over, the CLEC begins dialogues with an IELC and once the set up is ready, the firm can start offering the services. It is our main motto to get the certification for the companies in minimal time and cost without any glitch in the process.

Starting from the initial step of getting certified to the process of customer billing, ordering and number testing, we help you with all the phases. Not only these, with our expert team, we can assure you assistance on following steps too;

  • Set up and maintenance
  • Daily operations
  • Resource management
  • Regulatory processes reports
  • Resale agreements
  • Post-certification filing
  • Filing confidential information with privacy

We concentrate on next generation telecom trends and offers end to end CLEC solutions to the IPSs, Call centers, VoIP carriers and cable companies. It is no more your hassle to become a CLEC by selecting us as your consultant.

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